Bell & Goose Cheese Co. is a woman-owned business in the great state of New Hampshire. We have a passion for supporting dairy farmers and the large swaths of land they care for. Eating hand made, small batch cheese is pretty delightful but when it's local you can savor the good it's doing as well. When we buy local dairy we preserve our agricultural landscape as well as the knowledge and way of life these multi generational farms have to offer us. 

Our Story

In 2003 I (Anna Cantelmo) happened into a job assisting the cheese monger at Savenors, a gourmet grocery store on Charles St. in Boston. I fell in love with the beauty of the cheese, the diversity of rinds and paste, the cutting and wrapping patterns. The whole thing blew my mind. I had no idea cheese was even a thing.


This love of cheese led me to take a class at Three Shepard Cheese in VT and eventually to raise a herd of dairy goats. I married a vegetable farmer had two children. I milked my goats, played with cheese in my kitchen.

Eventually I got the opportunity to volunteer at the cheese kitchen at Appleton Farms in Ipswich MA. I treated my volunteer position like the dream job that it was and was hired about six months in. Over the three years I was there I learned a tremendous amount, both about cheese making and about the milk production side. It became clear that I had admiration and respect for the milk production side of things but true happiness was in the cheese kitchen and aging rooms. I sold my herd of goats and focused solely on the cheese.

Today I buy milk from Bodwell Family Farm, just ten minutes down the road. My cheese kitchen is in the barn behind my pink house, where I live with my husband and kids, Belle & Gus. Bet you can guess my son's nickname.